Dr. Stacey Solomon          



Psychology Department


Office: Academic Building, Room # 6329                                

Campus Extension: 3387


E-mail Address: ssolomon@caldwell.edu

Professional Information: Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Graduate School Counseling Programs


Ph.D., Counselor Education, University of Virginia

M.A., Counselor Education, Kean University

Professional Affiliations:  

*New Jersey School Counselor Association   

*American School Counseling Association


Advice to Undergraduate Psychology students:   Plan now for your career. 

  • Participate in an internship experience related to your major. 

  • Interview successful people in your chosen field to learn more about the position you desire, and the skills and competencies prospective employers are seeking. 

  • Make a positive impression on your professors, employers and supervisors, so that when it comes time to ask for references and/or letters of recommendation, you won't be stuck with mediocre letters of recommendation and you'll have references that will stand out. 

  • Also, the time to think about your resume is now.  Consider what you should do to build your resume so that it will be ready to submit to future employers when you graduate.

Just in case you didn't think we knew...

After surveying 350+ UW-Madison students, these are the ways that students admitted to cheating:

  • Plagiarism
  • Taping a cheat sheet to a water bottle
  • Programming notes into a calculator
  • Text messaging exam information
  • Headphones
  • Writing on hand, arm, or other body part
  • Writing on desk
  • Sitting on a cheat sheet
  • Putting notes on the floor/on your bag
  • Looking at another studentís exam
  • Buying papers online
  • Turning in old papers from friends
  • Turning in the same paper for more than once class
  • Having someone who took the test before you tell the student what questions are on the exam
  • Copying another studentís homework
  • Taking credit for group work that the student did not do
  • Altering lab data
  • Writing answers on gum wrappers
  • Having another friend write a paper or take an exam

*Don't jeopardize your college career, it's just not worth it.


Advice to Graduate School Counselor students: 

PAY ATTENTION TO DATES:  For example, if applying for School Counselor certification, you must apply to the Caldwell College Education Department by...

  • OCTOBER 1st - If you are completing your course work at the end of the Fall semester.

  • FEBRUARY 1st - If you are completing your course work at the end of the Spring semester.

  • JUNE 1st - If you are completing your course work at the end of the Summer semester.

**Also, pay attention to Comprehensive Exam schedules and course registration times

Apply for a Substitute's certificate early in your Master's program.  This will benefit you in your practicum/internship as you will be allowed to have more access to the students.  You can contact your County Superintendent's office for more information.


A graduate of a school counseling program, at the very least, should be familiar with

  • ASCA's National Standards and Code of Ethics,

  • the New Jersey Department of Education's Resource Manual for Information and Referral Services and the Administrative Code.  

  • the New Jersey Frameworks for School Counselors

  • If you have a site selected for a Practicum placement, become familiar with their Board of Education school policies and crisis plans. 

  • Graduate students should be active in attending conferences and joining the professional organizations, such as American School Counseling Association and New Jersey School Counseling Association. 

  • Please stop by during office hours if you would like to discuss your plans for the future, your job search, resume and/or interview skills.  


Picture Altered by Brynn B. (undergraduate student)


Portrait contributed by: Allison W (graduate student)



(Common Form for Intent to seek certification through Caldwell College) 


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http://www.state.nj.us/education/ (NJ Department of Education)  


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