Healing for Autism

Reply to: askvincent2@yahoo.com

Date: 2006-10-04, 7:33PM EDT


My name is Vincent, I am a healer, which means I work with the energy field of the human body. Because I work with energy I can do a healing from any distance, as long as I am focused on the person I am working on, there will be a positive change. I have been working with clients both in person and long distance for over 20 years. I have been having great results working with autistic children. I feel I can be of help so I would like to offer my services. If you are interested below is a list of information that I would like from you. And please write to me if you have any questions.

When working with autistic children I will guarantee my work. My fee is $100 for each 5 weeks. When I work with children I usually work once or twice a week after their

bedtime so I would like to know in what time zone you are. I will need a picture of the person that I am working with. Pictures of all other family members are helpful also. If it is a child I would like one of the parents to write about the child giving general information. If it is an adult I will need their permission to work on them. I would like to be paid at the beginning of every 5 week cycle. I do this so that you can see that you are getting results before paying me for the next 5 weeks.

If you like you may pay me at the end of the first cycle, after you see changes and that my healings do work.


Thank you.