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      Italian Economist Magazine  

 Read about economic conditions in Italy, political forces within the country and a current and historical overview of  world as it is seen by Italians.

    CIA Fact Book    

 View current and reliable information on the culture, geography, and political situation in Italy (plus additional information) as told by the CIA.

           Blog Italy:           

Read & post your opinions on Italy's day to day progress in regards to its economy focusing on factors such as it growth problem and sustaining the financial system of the country.

A Global Edge

See general information about Italy and statistics about the country's population, GDP and import/export levels.

 Italian News:     

View Financial and Business news in Italy.  

The European Union

Learn Why the EU was founded, its responsibilities to member countries, and functions as an organization.


                 Business In Italy:   

 An excellent electronic newsletter that covers current business news in Italy.

            US Commercial Service     

Gain some insight about doing business in Italy from the US perspective.  View some of Italy's Industries.                          

                  Bank of Italy 

             Learn about Italy's Central Bank

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

View facts about the Ministry of Foreign affairs and how it establishes Italy's position in the world with the use of European and foreign policy.

Italian Institute of Statistics

View Italy in figures based on employment, wages, GDP etc.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

Learn about the organizations goal to form a strong world economy and how it goes about doing so through Italy.


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